Last Few Days Of Pro Tools Expert Deals for December 2014: Bad Cat Sample Pack 42 & Exclusive ModeAudio Bundle Now Just 45

12-29-2014 12:00 PM

You have just a few days left to take advantage of 2 great deals on the Bad Cat Sample Pack bundle of virtual instruments and an Pro Tools Expert exclusive bundle of loops and samples from ModeAudio.
Bad Cat Sample Pack £42 - 33% Discount

Check out Russ’ show & tell video review of the Bad Cat Sample Pack. Eli Krantzberg from our sister site Logic Pro Expert has also reviewed the Bad Cat Sample Pack too.
If you like them, then we are offering the Bad Cat Sample Pack at £42 which is 33% off the normal price for the 6 virtual instruments. The pack consists of The Music Box, Bass Pedals, Indi Glock, Performachord, Lucky Harp and Mini Keys.

All the VIs in the bundle have character and are different to most samples out there. You need Kontakt 5.3 or above to use these VIs, although for our Logic Pro friends several will run inside EXS 24.

ModeAudio Exclusive Loops & Samples Bundle Now £45 - Over 60% Discount

As a special Christmas present we have reduced the price of the exclusive Pro Tools Expert Loops & Samples Bundle from ModeAudio to just £45 so you can save even more on the cost of the individual packs that make up our exclusive bundle.

We have merged their Dance and Hip Hop bundles into a super bundle just for our community and just for one month.
Dance Bundle:

ModeAudio’s “Dance Bundle” is a stellar collection of over 800 loops, samples and MIDI files, jammed to the rafters with Deep House Drums and fills, delicate Percussion, sub-aquatic Bass, razor-sharp Techno Synth riffs, beautifully gritty Analogue Synth Loops, explosive SFX Samples and more!
Hip Hop Bundle:

ModeAudio’s “Hip Hop Bundle” is a massive collection of over 1000 loops, samples and MIDI files, bulging at the seems with the deepest Bass, driving to drifting Drums, dusty Percussion, chilled Synths, gritty SFX and so much more!
If any of these take your fancy, then don’t delay as there are only a few days until the end of the year to take advantage of these deals.