If You Want To Make One New Year Resolution Then Create More And Consume Less

12-29-2014 11:32 AM

As a creative you’ve been given an amazing gift, you can add to the world rather than just take from it.
Of course the line between being a creator and a consumer is not cut and dried, we all have a foot in both camps, but scarcity is a result of over-consumption and a lack of creation.
For a creative there’s no greater joy than in creating something new; taking an empty page and filling it with ideas, a blank canvas and covering it with paint, filling silence with music or song, or the screen with moving image. Where there was previously nothing creatives bring new ideas and in many cases leave those who come into contact with them changed by what the see and hear.
We all have a choice to create or consume.
If you were made to create then you’ll feel most alive when you are create, I know I do.