Three Practical Uses For Pro Tools Using Duet Display For Mac And iOS

12-24-2014 02:02 PM

It seems that Duet Display has been causing quite a stir, even in its early stage of life, my experience thus far has been largely postive. There is the odd time when I have to restart it, but in most cases it just works.
Here are three practical uses for the Duet Display for Mac and iOS.
Using Duet Display For Video Playback Screen

Being able to have the video playback on the iPad monitor is really nice and keeps my main screen for Pro Tools edit and mixing. I’ve invested in the Aukey Desktop stand that allows the iPad mount to be clamped to the main Apple monitor.
Having the video playback on the second screen is excellent. There seems to be little lag and the choice between both 60fps and 30fps means that sync issues are minimal in my tests so far. Dennis at Logic Pro Expert said that on his set-up he was getting a delay of about 40ms, this may differ on set-ups.
Using Duet Display To Keep Workspace Open

I’ve made no secret of my constant frustration with Workspace in Pro Tools, the constantly disappearing window for auditioning audio loops and clips has made it pretty much unworkable. However when workspace is dragged to the second display it does not constantly hide when using other Pro Tools windows. Duet Display may have managed to do what Avid couldn’t and that is make Workspace useful.

Using Duet Display For Metering

Mike and I had discussed the use of Duet Display for metering, Dennis at Logic Pro Expert has done this and they are shown above, again this is an excellent use for a smaller monitor and reclaims valuable screen real estate.
Other Uses For Duet Display

If you have invested in Duet Display and found other uses for it then please feel free to share them with the community.