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    Post Waves Offer $131 Off API 550A & 550B Plug-in In Their Last Daily Deal

    Waves Offer $131 Off API 550A & 550B Plug-in In Their Last Daily Deal

    12-22-2014 02:04 PM

    In the last of their “daily deals” Waves are offering $131 off their API 550A and 550B Native plug-in. This is what Waves say about this plug-in…
    Modeled on the late 1960’s legend, the API 550A EQ provides reciprocal and repeatable equalization at 15 points in 5 steps of boost, divided into three overlapping ranges. Its high and low frequency ranges are individually selectable as either peaking or shelving, and a band-pass filter can be inserted independently of all other settings.

    The 550B, with its renowned four overlapped EQ bands, is invaluable as both a problem solver and a sweetening device. With 7 switchable filter frequencies spanning up to 5 octaves per band, the 550B’s “Proportional Q” automatically widens the filter bandwidth at minimal settings and narrows it at higher settings. It even lets you undo previous processing, affect or even reverse tonal modifications. With their vast range of tonal possibilities, the API 550A and 550B are a pair of versatile EQs with that one-of-a-kind API sound.
    Don’t forget there are other Waves special offers on their Specials page.

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    These are good plugins.
    Not transparent, mind you. Lots of character but great sounding nevertheless.
    Waves must be desperate, I guess.

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