Controlling Pro Tools Plugins Using A Behringer BCR 2000 Control Surface

12-22-2014 11:00 AM

In our recent discussions and our control surface survey, which you can find the headlines here and you can download the results of the survey for personal use here, control of plug-ins was the 2nd most requested feature after faders.
In this video Brian Daly who is a producer and developer of the Hotkey Matrix macro controller shows the results of his research taking an alternative approach to controlling plug-ns in Pro Tools using a Behringer BCR2000 control surface and a piece of software called Controllermate that Brian has configured to do the clever bit.
Watch him demonstrate how he uses the Behringer control surface, see the benefits of this approach and understand why he went down this path.
Thank you Brian for producing this video, developing this great solution and sharing it with the community.