Pro Tools 11.3 Returns To Old Style Installer On Mac

12-20-2014 01:22 AM

Mac users may recall that since launch of Pro Tools 11 for Mac that to install Pro Tools 11 it was simply a case of unarchiving and then dragging the Pro Tools 11 application into the Applications folder.
It appeats that with Pro Tools 11.3 Avid have now reinstated a full installation procedure.
It’s not known why this is the case but it may be that Avid have been working on improving their installers to deal with possible issues caused by remnants of earlier installations being left behind.
Some users have also noted that on first launch Pro Tools is running a new PACE licence installer procedure. PACE is the software that contains the copy protection as part of iLOK. This software periodically updated by PACE.
Please do post any issues or other observations you have if you install Pro Tools 11.3