Exponential Audio And iZotope Help Bring Middle Earth To Life

12-17-2014 10:24 PM

If you are into the goings on at Middle Earth and The Hobbit then both Exponential Audio and iZotope having been talking about how their products have been integral to the sound of Middle Earth.
Exponential Audio And Middle Earth

The team at Exponential Audio are proud to work with many of the team who work at Park Road post, contributing to everything from dialogue editing to music, and who rely on Exponential Audio reverbs to get the job done. Eyes were only giving half of the information. Ears were placing moviegoers inside everything from colossal caves to tiny rooms, all created with Exponential Audio reverbs.
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iZotope RX And Middle Earth

When Ray Beentjes began working on The Lord of the Rings, many of the actors’ best performances were simply unusable because of various audio issues. Most of the filming took place in New Zealand, and the audio was often contaminated with noise from production equipment and the surrounding environment. Ray explained to the team at iZotope…
An actor could have delivered a stellar performance on location, but the audio would often be unusable. They would then have to spend hours in a dubbing room re­recording their lines, and due to the complexity of the production, they might be covering what was six months worth of filming in a two day ADR session. That often makes it very difficult to create the same mood again.
The audio team began searching for a solution that would enable them to rescue troubled audio and eventually discovered iZotope RX, which Beentjes describes as a “game changer.” He goes on…
RX has been fantastic, and we’ve developed a completely different workflow. Now we can focus on finding the best performances from the original material delivered by the actors. Peter Jackson and Fran Walsh love utilizing production audio over ADR where possible if it sells the performance better, and then it’s up to us to clean up that audio and get it working. That’s their gold, and that’s where the magic is for us. With RX 4 Denoiser, we were able use lines for The Hobbit that would have been thrown away during The Lord of the Rings. We were able to take lines with lots of background noise and create quite astounding results. It was very satisfying.
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