Source Elements Announce Upgrade To Source-Connect Now Ready For The Holidays

12-17-2014 02:01 PM

We are currently looking at what makes a good voiceover mic and Source-Connect Now is another great tool for voiceovers and podcast audio. Source Elements have announced that they have added a number of new features to Source-Connect Now.

  • They have made a commitment that Source-Connect Now will remain FREE for 128kbps mono connections between two people. Click here for more details on pricing options.
  • Source Elements have now added an auto-reconnect feature to make it safe for Radio and live broadcasts. Source-Connect Now is now designed to reconnect if the Internet drops momentarily or on a power outage.
  • There is now the option to pan left and right, which improves its usefulness for recording podcasts, for example. If you sign in using the Stereo mode you can now set your pan to the left or right to separate voices.
  • To improve connections Source Elements have added even more servers, to make it faster to find guests around the world and connect to them. Source Elements do ask that if you have any connection errors to let them know as they tell us that major changes are currently underway as they start to integrate services.

What Makes A Good Browser For Source-Connect Now?

Our friends at Source Elements have put together an article about what a web browser needs to be able to offer so that you can use it for professional audio and why they chose the Opus codec for Source-Connect Now.
Embed Source-Connect Now Into Your Website

Once you have a Source-Connect Now account and you have logged in, with the Embed feature you can have HD audio on your own website, for anyone to join you with the click of a button. You can add your own HTML code, or use their new WordPress plug-in.
In addition if you want your guests to sign-in with a specific preset, you can now. See this forum post on the Source Elements site for more details.
What’s Next For Source-Connect Now?

The team at Source elements tell us that they are working on templates for embedding Source-Connect Now in your website with your own branding, sizing and colours and that they are continuing to work on Mobile support.
Got Any Good Ideas Or Feature Requests?

As Source-Connect now is still in the development phase now is a great time to get in touch with the team at Source Elements with your ideas and feature requests. You can contact them at