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    Post Tritik Intros TkDelay

    Tritik Intros TkDelay

    12-13-2014 05:51 PM

    Tritik has introduced TkDelay*– a versatile delay audio plugin for Mac & Windows. According to the developers, TkDelay’s range runs from classic delays to experimental sounds. Key Features:* Main Controls Host-synced and free delay times (per channel) Delay times modulation … Continue reading →
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    Nice sound and the demo is fully functional.

    Demo mode has a nag screen and it is calling home. I don't like that when my DAW is freezing while waiting for the network time out (always on paradigm) So I have tested it only for short on a single drumloop mostly by switching trough the presets.

    May worth to have a look, it has some unusual possibilities E.G. the reverse parameter isn't a standard on delay plugs.

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