Which Is the Best VO Mic? - The Pro Tools Expert Voiceover Microphone Shoot Out Blind Listening Test - Part 1

12-12-2014 11:00 AM

Following on from our previous post on how and why we are doing our Pro Tools Expert VO Mic shoot out, here is the first part of our blind listening tests.
We have chosen to use the Neumann U87 as the named reference mic for each batch of listening tests. This is not because we think it is necessarily the best VO microphone, but simply because it is one of the most used voice over microphones in the industry and so, familiar to most people and a deserving benchmark.
For each microphone there is an example of male and female voice for you to listen to and compare with the U87. We would like to know which you prefer and why.
We will be covering the other mics in subsequent listening tests so please dust off and warm up your ears and let the discussion begin…
The VO Mic Blind Listening Test - Part One

Which Mic Do You Prefer? Part 1


Thank you again to Andrew Bickenell and Posy Brewer our professional voice artists for their dulcet tones and to Nigel Woodford of Richmond Film Services for the loan of the microphones for the test.