Help Please With Audio Quality Control (QC) Issues With "Audio Tics"

12-10-2014 06:00 PM

Community member Simon Jones from Soundworks in Cardiff has been having problems with some programmes being rejected by a leading UK broadcaster for what their QC team call “Audio Tics”. Simon told us…
They generally originate from location audio on set and can be very tiny clicks which can go through unnoticed.
He is wondering if anyone knows of a plug-in or other tool to analyse an audio file (e.g. a final mix) for these Audio Tics. Our only thought was to use DeClicker from iZotope RX but this might be a little overkill.
Does anyone have any experience of these audio tics issues, how broadcasters assess them and what post production teams can do to resolve them before they get to QC? They are clearly very minor clicks or they would have been picked up in the normal post production process.