Pro Tools Quick Tip - Panner Linking In The Track Output Window

12-07-2014 10:00 AM

Here’s a super quick tip for those mixing with Pro Tools. Ever had a stereo track like a synth or pair of overheads and wanted to pull both of them into the centre by an equal amount?
It is possible using panner linking using the Output Window. To open the Output Window click on the small fader icon on the output settings of any channel, see below.
Opening The Pro Tools Track Output Window

Using Pro Tools Panner Linking

Once you have that opened then you have a number of options for the panner setting.

The image above shows the 3 possible states on a stereo channel.

  • The one on the right is the default state.
  • The one in the centre has panner linking, if you move the left one to the left then the right panner will follow, and vice versa.
  • The one on the left allows panner linking and inverse. This means if you pull either panner towards the centre then the other one will follow.


By using both the panner linking and the inverse setting you can narrow any stereo image equally using either fader. If you have Pro Tolols HD then you also have more options for linking surround channels using this method.
Hope this simple, quick tip helps.