Loudness 2014 - TV & Radio

12-03-2014 06:00 PM

Recently an event was arranged by the Institute of Professional Sound (IPS) and The BBC Academy at the home of broadcasting the BBC New Broadcasting House in London to learn and discuss loudness in broadcasting, especially in a UK context. All three sessions were videoed so that more people can benefit from the sessions than were able to attend the event.
What Is Loudness?

Now that the 1st October 2014 deadline has passed and all UK TV programmes should comply with the DPP delivery specs, which includes the EBU R128 standard for the audio, there still seems to be a lot of misunderstanding about what loudness is and how it affects sound professionals working in the broadcast sector. This has been recently illustrated in some threads on the IPS forums. This event is aimed at audio professionals working in the broadcast sector, in either live or post production, to help clear up some myths and hopefully explain how the control for how our mixes work and sound, has been brought back to the people who should be in control, the audio professionals.
Understanding Loudness

Mike Thornton presented “Understanding Loudness” and unpacked, in his no nonsense style with plenty of practical examples, what is loudness, what the measurements mean, how we will need to change our workflows, monitor calibration, how to mix for loudness in both the live and post production arenas, and the do’s and don’ts of working with loudness and how liberating it can be.
Loudness And Radio

Ian Astbury from BBC Radio presented “Loudness Measurement: What’s in it for BBC Radio?” Although, currently in the UK, loudness and R128 only applies to TV broadcasting it will be coming to radio and online too. Ian explained how loudness will help in radio, the impact it will have on transmission processing, outline a pilot project for Radio 4 Extra, as well as what to do with podcasts and other online content.
Q&A With Panel Of Experts

To conclude there was a question and answer session and Mike and Ian were joined by a panel of practitioners with plenty of experience of working in this brave new world of loudness.