Berlin Based Adam Audio Has Entered Bankruptcy Proceedings

12-02-2014 10:29 PM

According to a post on the Resident Advisor website and also seemingly verified from some comments left by someone claiming to work for Adam, the Berlin based monitor company Adam Audio has entered bankruptcy proceedings.
Thankfully unlike the US Chapter 11 filings this move is an attempt to put the business on a stronger footing and back into a solvent trading position.
The quote by ‘Adam Audio’ on the site and in response to the news says;
Hey Jordan, if I may add this to your post: right at the moment there are several companies which are very interested in investing in ADAM Audio. Our CEO and the preliminary insolvency administrator are looking for the best possible solution here. At the same time both are working flat to restore availability of products, and as you quoted correctly this is very likely to be the case at the beginning of next year.

So, we are all very confident, that we´ll return to normal business operations soon ;-)
Those needing more information about outstanding orders or service issues can contact Adam Support at
Source: Resident Advisor