Dolby Broadcast and Multi-Channel Work Demystified - A Podcast Post Extra Interview With Jordan Glasgow

11-28-2014 08:00 PM

Recently on Pro-Tools-Expert, Mike Thornton has been to Galaxy Studios in Belgium investigating Auro 3D and their multi channel workflow in film. By way of balance we will be exploring Dolby Atmos and Mike Thornton & Mike Aiton have recently spent the day at Point 1 Post in Elstree to explore the Dolby Atmos cinema workflow, so watch this space…..
On the way towards this series, Mike Aiton spent some time in conversation with Jordan Glasgow, Dolby’s Senior Product Manager of Software Content Creation and Mike Babbitt, Dolby’s “Broadcast & Loudness Guru” to get knarly with the Dolby jargon and find out what it is, and what it’s all about, and why Dolby do what they do best.
In the discussion and open for demystification are topics such as: DialNorm; Loudness; dialogue gating; Metadata; LEQm; CinemaTrailers; Divergence in Surround Mixes; Dolby Atmos in Broadcast and in the Home; Loudness In Dolby Atmos and Cinema Mix Levels - phew! Let’s dive in….
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