Pro Tools Expert Podcast 143

11-25-2014 12:39 PM

Russ, Mike, Neil and James bring you another show with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.
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  • November deals at RSPE include promotions from SPL, A Designs, Crane Song and more
  • Kevin Darbyshire-Bryant wanted to ask Pro Tools Windows users shout about issues when changing sample rates between sessions with ASIO implant interfaces. Please contribute to this post on the DUC and also the Ideascale forum.
  • Johnnie Sloan asks if we can review Rob Chiarelli’s Mix Buss Lite plug-in.
  • Glenn Skinner wants to give Spitfire Audio a shout out. He says they are well known in the film music world but less well known elsewhere.
  • Matt Mann wanted to suggest that the only solution to the Avid and Pro Tools debacle is for someone else to buy Pro Tools who could provide the love and support the users deserve. He also created a graphic of how he would like it to look.
  • Lari Paavilainen wanted to tell us that Avid have released v1.3 that hopefully fixed a number of the bugs. However when we checked it out the S6 v1.3 read me states it needs Pro Tools v11.2.2 but the 11.2.2 read me advises S6 users not to upgrade to 11.2.2.
  • Kevin de Wit wants to tell us that he has found a work round when banking faders when using the Presonus Faderport with Pro Tools.
  • Francois Best asked us add the Virtual Mix Rack with the free Revival module in our free AAX & RTAS plug-in list.
  • Guy Dean would like to know what music we have been listening to this year, we have just posted 25 Songs Every Synth Lover Should Hear And Why
  • Edward Lamb is not very happy with Avid about the new upgrade and support plans. Also he isn’t too pleased with Gobbler as he would like to stay with Gobbler 1.

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea

  • Brandon Bostic has an interesting issue with UAD plug-in in Pro Tools 11.2.1 where selecting a UAD plug-in he gets a different random UAD plug-in, not the one he had chosen.
  • Marty Dickerson would like our advice on tracking and processing guitars using multiple instances of emulation plug-ins like Amplitube.

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