25 Songs Every Synth Lover Should Hear And Why

11-24-2014 12:47 PM

I make no secret of the fact of my love for synths, perhaps it was because this was the music that really influenced me in my teens. If you have ever been asked which era you would like to have been born in and why, then when it comes to music I’m glad I was born in the mid 60s and was around for the birth of UK synth-pop.
Here are 25 tracks with synths in them that I love and why, if you have not heard them all then check them out. I’m guessing there are some missing that would be on your list, but as with every list some drop off the bottom.
So here are my 25 songs that every synth lover should here and why.
Just Can’t Get Enough -Depeche Mode

The opening riif, the bass line, the rhythm parts, the arp - need I say more?
The Model - Kraftwerk

German synth pioneers were way ahead of many others. Their use of synths in such an understated way is a pleasure to behold - this is one of many tracks that could have made the list, released in 1978 and still sounds great now.
Only You - Yazoo

Vince Clarke is one of the founding fathers of synth pop. This track is a lesson is sequenced synth music and is a truly beautiful arrangement and was made way before presets and MIDI based DAWs.
Don’t Go - Yazoo

A second entry for Yazoo and shows the energy that possible with a synth based track - highlights are the claps and of course the opening riff.
Enola Gay - OMD

Right form the off the pretty hectic pace of this track, the use of nice synth layers, the nice woodblock sound that runs throughout this pop hit about dropping the H Bomb.
Love Action - The Human League

From the outset the synths in this track are the star - the oww synth sound kicks off the track like a brooding alien pulse and then we get a nice tight synth bass. Listen in headphones for the ultra-stereo arrangement.
Tainted Love - Soft Cell

The combination of some synths soaked in reverb and others dry as a bone along with the voice of Marc Almond made this a monster synth love song in the 80s.
Rock Me Amadeus - Falco

Now this sounds dated but the use of big synth stabs in the riff along with the drum sequence all weaving around the vocal makes this a pop synth classic.
Jump - Van Halen

The huge synth brass pad sound announcing this rock song is the star of this track, everyone trying out brass sounds in music store played this riff. Of course don’t forget the huge synth solo in the middle 8, pure 80s synth magic.
Ghosts - Japan

While many were reaching for zippy pop sounds this track shows just how versatile the synth can be, no drums just brooding synths. The tight synth stabs that appear in the track are beautiful.
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy

One of the many tracks in the 1980s to feature the plodding bass synth part, but Bronksi Beat brought something uniquely real to their tracks with the voice of Jimmy Somerville.
Stephen Duffy - Kiss Me

Every club in the mid 80s was playing this track, you can hear the use of samples in the voice at the start, but the syncopated synth and rhythm is a master class in synth programming.
1999 - Prince

In much the same vein as ‘Jump’ the star of this track is the huge synth sound that permeates throughout the entire song, just imagine this song without the synth riff.
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics

There are a lot of theories about the synths making the riff on this track, many think it was an Oberheim OB-X, setting that aside the synth riffs are the hero of this song, that takes a lot when Annie Lennox is singing.
Alison Moyet - Love Resurrection

The combination of synths with real instruments make the entire ‘Alf’ album a masterpiece, crafter by Swain and Jolly. Highlights in this track are the clav type synth and the organ in the first verse.
New Order - Blue Monday

A lesson in synth minimalism - the synth bass on this track drives along with the simple drum part, keeping the listener hanging for 2 minutes before the vocals start. Classic!
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper

I was torn over this and ‘True Colors’, both tracks show how to use synth pads, they sit there as the bed that the entire track sits on without being mushy. Listen to the way the synth works with the guitar on ‘True Colours’, it’s simply beautiful.
Pop Muzik - M

If you ever have any doubt about synths being funky, then this 1979 track from ‘M’ shows how to do it. Form the synth bass, the arps, use of synth rhythm and incidental synth part made this a huge hit.
Cars - Gary Numan

Apparently Gary Numan found a Moog synth sitting in a rehearsal room, played it and the rest (as they say) is history. If that story is true, then I’m glad people leave things lying around - Numan brought an almost alien sense to the synth world. This track is one of many of his that could have made this list. The use of the synth lead part riffing with the drums is true synth genius.
Enjoy The Silence - Depeche Mode

From the pop riff of ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’ to this more grown up Depeche Mode in ‘Enjoy The Silence’ shows just what masters these guys are of synth based music.
The Robots - Kraftwerk

Not only cool synth programming but some vocoder to boot. This tightness of this track is lesson in synth programming, it doesn’t seem to have a hair out of place.
Are Friends Electric - Tubeway Army

If you ever thought that synth music was rock solid timing quantized to within one inch of its life, then this track will prove you wrong, but even with the drifting rhythm this is a classic synth track.
West End Girls - Pet Shop Boys

Just listen to the bass line. Tightly programmed synth bass and drums, often using the hottest synths and samplers of the time, love or hate the Pet Shop Boys their contribution to synth pop is undeniable.
Wood Beez - Scritti Politti

Super tight, samples everywhere but the entire Provision Album is a work of synth art, it was recorded in some of the biggest studios of the time and is full of Synclavier. You might hate it as over-produced 80s synth pop, but it is worth a listen, if for no other reason to see how much you could throw at an album.
Vienna - Ultravox

The thunder sound is apparently a Synare electronic drum, other sounds include a Oberheim, an Elka string synthesiser and a Roland CR-78 drum machine. This is 80s synth pop at its best.
So there are 25 every synth lover should hear and why… so what’s missing from the list?