Microsoft Users Are Old Men Living In Scotland, Apple Users Are Young Women Living In London - Find Out More

11-22-2014 08:00 PM

YouGov, the UK Government web portal has launched a new web site based on UK census data.
The UK website allows users to search on a variety of criteria this includes brands. We’re not sure how seriously to take the results, but it is a lot of fun seeing what pops up when you put in various search terms.
For fun we tried Microsoft and Apple, in the absence of Avid and Pro Tools and got the following:
Customers of Microsoft are: Male, 60+, living in the far corner of Scotland, work in IT and have over £1000 a month in spare change.
Customers of Apple are: Female, Mid 30s, living in London, work in media or publishing and also have over £1000 a month in spare change.
The results are based on generalities, otherwise Russ needs to get a better job to pay for his sex change operation.
Go try it out, if nothing else it’s a lot of fun.