Pro Tools 11.2.2 Announced - But Still No OS X 10.10 Yosemite Support

11-21-2014 10:19 AM

Yosemite Users, Don’t Do It!

Avid have announced the latest update for Pro Tools 11. However, disappointingly it doesn’t include support for Apple’s current OS - Yosemite. Avid tell us that Pro Tools 11.2.2 does support Mac OS X 10.9, 10.9.1, 10.9.2, 10.9.3, 10.9.4 (Mavericks) and Mac OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion).
On Windows, Pro Tools 11.2.2 supports Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows 7 SP1
Avid S6 Users, Don’t Do it!

Avid also say that S6 owners should not update to Pro Tools 11.2.2 at this time.
HD Users - New HD Drivers & HDX Firmware

Pro Tools HDX and HD Native users, be sure to install the 11.2.2 HD drivers. The HD drivers may be found in the Driver Installers folder included in the 11.2.2 download.
Pro Tools 11.2.2 requires a firmware update for HDX card. The firmware update will take place during Pro Tools launch after you have updated. Avid tell us that the firmware update has been tested for backwards compatibility with Pro Tools 10.3.6 and later.
New Versions Of Revibe, Space & X-Form

If you are upgrading to 11.2.2 and you own ReVibe, Space and X-Form you should update to the 11.2.2 versions of thes plug-ins which should be available from the respective plug-in pages on the Avid site or in you Avid Acoount.
Wait Until You have Downtime Before You Upgrade

As we always say, if you are in the middle of a project, consider very carefully whether you should run any upgrades. We recommend you wait for some downtime so that if there are any issues you have time to fix them or go back to the previous version.
Issues Resolved in Pro Tools | Software 11.2.2

  • In certain mixer configurations, virtual instruments on Auxiliary Input or Instrument tracks that are configured to receive MIDI from standalone MIDI tracks are now correctly time-aligned in offline bounces. (PTSW-195783)
  • Taking Pro Tools offline and then bringing it back online while a connected Soundmaster transport is rolling no longer stops the Soundmaster transport. (PTSW-195743)
  • Pro Tools now correctly provides the option to switch between “clip name” and “clip name and file name” when renaming files that reside on an ISIS system. (PTSW-150520)
  • Pro Tools no longer quits unexpectedly when importing multi-output Kontakt 5 tracks. (PTSW-195859)
  • Pro Tools 11.2.2 includes a firmware update for HDX cards that fixes CPU usage spikes that can occur under certain conditions on systems with multiple HDX cards. The firmware update process is initiated when launching Pro Tools 11.2.2. (PTSW-192207)
  • Taking the Pro Tools transport offline during a record pass no longer removes the recorded clip from the timeline and the Clips list. (PTSW-191860)
  • When creating tracks from a EUCON surface, EQ and Dynamics plug-ins are no longer automatically inserted on those tracks. Instead, “Add EQ” and “Add Dyn” options are presented on the EUCON surface. A new Mixing preference, “Auto Insert Default Plug-Ins from EUCON surfaces” has been added to let you turn off this behavior. (PTSW-195825)
  • On EUCON surfaces, you can now access controls on all channels for multi-mono plug-ins. A “Multi-Mono” knob is available on the surface that lets you target the channel for control. (EUCON-2981)
  • When running Pro Tools in Deck Control mode with a Soundmaster, Pro Tools no longer stalls on a “Play-to-Rewind” command. (PTSW-195744)
  • When using multiple Pro Tools systems connected with Satellite Link and issuing transport controls from more than one system, Pro Tools no longer enters a state where the transport on one system does not respond to a Stop command. (PTSW- 194288)
  • When editing video during playback with Loop Playback enabled, the Pro Tools video track now updates correctly. (PTSW- 195631, PTSW-193375)
  • When canceling a Bounce to QuickTime command, the Video Engine no longer becomes unresponsive. (PTSW-195137)
  • When a video sync offset is enabled in Pro Tools, it no longer causes Pro Tools to drop frames at the beginning of a selection when using Loop Playback. (PTSW-193848)
  • The Disk Allocation window now displays and scrolls correctly when adjusting disk allocation for tracks in large sessions. (PTSW-194747)
  • Pro Tools no longer quits unexpectedly when moving a Nugen VisLM plug-in with active automation for all parameters to another insert slot during playback. (PTSW-196323)
  • The keyboard shortcut for soloing tracks (Shift+S) now works properly when one or more tracks of a soloed group are inactive and the Solo Mode is set to X-OR. (PTSW-178219)
  • A number of improvements were made to the performance of the AAX TCE (Time Compression/Expansion) plug-in when the AudioSuite handle length is set to zero. (PTSW-186693, PTSW-186522, PTSW-187101, PTSW-187104, PTSW-187149)
  • Level Meter values are now properly read with VoiceOver accessibility software (Mac OS X 10.9.4 and higher only). (PTSW-195524)
  • The Pre/Post fader button color now reflects the Send pre/post state consistently across the Mix window, Edit window and floating fader window. (PTSW-188321)
  • Waveform overviews for MXF sessions on Network Attached Storage are now calculated at speeds comparable to similar sessions on local drives. (PTSW-195239)
  • On Artist Mix and S3 control surfaces, parameters now update correctly from name to value when an encoder is touched. (EUCON-3232)
  • The “Use in Playlist” button in AudioSuite plug-in headers is correctly disabled when the Selection Reference pop-up menu is set to Clip List. (PTSW-178658)
  • The Fade In value in the Transport window is now properly retained after Pro Tools is relaunched or sessions are closed and reopened. (PTSW-195799)
  • Performance of Tab To Transient has been improved, especially with non-normalized, low-level track material. (PTSW-195188)
  • Pro Tools no longer quits unexpectedly when you click the side-chain button in the AutoPan (Native) plug-in without key input source assigned. (PTSW-195519)
  • Audio is now properly aligned with picture after importing an AAF file from Media Composer. (PTSW-194124)
  • In the Channel Strip plug-in, the Q control for the Hi-Mid EQ band now maps correctly on HUI-compatible surfaces. (AAX-977)
  • When activating a linked, bypassed multi-mono plug-in that was deactivated while bypassed, the Master bypass state of the plug-in channels is now correctly preserved. (PTSW-190848)
  • Video pull-up now works correctly so that spotted clips show correct video position. (PTSW-196751) Pro Tools can now import MXF video originating from an EditShare Geevs system. (UME-1107)
  • Pro Tools can now play back MXF video created with the Avid Media Toolkit. (PTSW-195307)