Waves Add More Special Offers For The Rest Of November 2014

11-16-2014 03:21 PM

Waves Add More Specials For The Rest Of November 2014

For the rest of November Waves have added some more deals to their Specials page. The deals will expire on November 30th 2014.
Linear Phase Multiband Compressor - $79 normally $250
This is designed for mastering with 5 user-definable bands with linear phase crossovers for phase distortion-free Multiband Compression using technologies like Adaptive Thresholds, Automatic Makeup Gain, and Finite Response Filters
Renaissance Maxx - $149 normally $350
This is a great little bundle containing all the Renaissance plug-in including compressors, EQ, reverbs, bass enhancement as well as the IR-L convolution reverb and Tune LT. This is a great way to get a load of Waves plug-ins at a very good price.
Signature Series Bass & Drums - $99 normally $500
Waves have a growing range of Signature Series plug-ins and this is a bundle of 9 plug-ins that are aimed at bass and drums that have been created in collaboration with Chris Lord-Alge, Eddie Kramer, Jack Joseph Puig and Tony Maserati.
Video Sound Suite - $99 normally $500
This bundle is aimed at video editors who need a broader toolbox to handle audio that in days gone by would have been handed off to an audio specialist. Because of that it is a great bundle for audio specialists starting off in the audio post world. Using the same plug-ins as movie and game audio professionals, you can reduce noise, clean up and enhance dialog, smooth out and maximize volume as well as re-create room acoustics and more.
Musicians 2 - $59 normally $160
This is a great little bundle for musicans or composers who want a little more that the factory plug-ins included in your DAW. The bundle is made up of 6 plug-ins that cover EQ, compression, double-tracking, delay, level maximization and more.
PAZ Analyzer - $49 normally $150
It generates a realtime visual representation of your audio’s stereo positioning, frequency spread, and peak/RMS levels, real-time vector display with zoom, optional resolution in 10Hz steps for precise analysis below 250Hz, 52 or 68 band analysis and you can save results as text file.
Waves Weekend Deals

This weekend Waves are offering these plug-ins but remmber these deals expire on this evening.

  1. Waves Trans-X native plug-in $49 - normally $100
  2. Waves JJP Drums native plug-in $49 till Sunday - normally $100
  3. Waves Maserati GRP native plug-in $49 till Sunday - normally $100

Grab them while you can. Check out the Specials page too for more great deals