Nugen Audio Donates VisLM Licenses to 41 NaSTA Student Stations

11-16-2014 12:00 PM

The Nugen Audio loudness metering plug-ins are going to help to prepare members of UK’s Student Television Association (NaSTA) for the demands of mixing broadcast content to the new loudness standards.
Nugen Audio has donated VisLM licenses to 41 student television stations throughout the UK. All members of the National Student Television Association (NaSTA) will use the plug-ins to help them comply with the European Broadcasting Union’s EBU R128 loudness recommendations, and also as a training tool for students to gain loudness monitoring experience in preparation for professional careers. NaSTA distributed the VisLM licenses to student stations throughout its network in Scotland, England, and Wales. VisLM is now in use daily by on-campus television stations to create and edit programs ranging from major events and sports matches to coverage of student elections.
Mitchell Perry the NaSTA marketing officer told us…
People usually think of television as a visual medium, but they are more likely to notice flawed audio. Therefore, it’s critical that broadcast sound be flawless, not only to meet regulations but also to provide the best possible experience for viewers.
With its generous sponsorship, Nugen Audio is giving our student members an opportunity that is simply not available in most of the U.K.’s television production courses: a chance to learn about loudness management and how to edit sound according to industry standards. After working with VisLM, students will be able to add another valuable skill to their CVs and increase their employability.
Jon Schorah, founder and creative director at Nugen Audio told us…
For more than 40 years, NaSTA has played a lead role in supporting, promoting, and representing student television in the U.K. It is our pleasure to assist NaSTA in this effort, and it’s gratifying to know that our technology is helping these future television professionals develop the skills they need to be successful.
Here is another example of a company going about and beyond the call of duty to help our next generation of broadcasters get to grips with working to the loudness standards in broadcast audio.