Eiosis Announce New AirEQ Premium EQ Plug-in Without The Premium Price

11-14-2014 04:02 PM

Community member Matt Blue let us know about this new release from Fabrice Gabriel at Eiosis.
Fabrice describes the new AirEQ Premium as…
Beyond analog. I designed it with a vision of achieving musical, technical and sonic excellence.
The design reflects the elements with Air and Earth bands as well as Water and Fire curves.
Fabrice describes the curves and bands…
Water: the smoothest sound possible, open and natural, ideal for transparency. Clear highs, compact bass and balanced mids.
Fire: very tight and focused sound, with punch and impact, ideal for precision. Snappy mids, sharp highs and powerful lows.
Neutral: the usual equalization curves, perfectly matched to their analog references.
Air & Earth Bands

The Air and Earth bands are a new and easy way to adjust high and low frequencies. The Earth is amazing to boost the very low end of any track, because it never sounds boomy thanks to the unique design of its phase response. The Air is an incredibly smooth and silky high frequency adjustment, perfect for breathing life into any track.
Eiosis AirEQ Premium Formats

AirEQ is available in AAX32, AAX64, VST 3, VST2, Audio Units, and RTAS. It is supported for Mac OS 10.7 and above and Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Its good to see a brand support the older formats and operating systems so that the plug-in is available to users who have chosen not to upgrade to the latest version of the OS or DAW.
Eiosis AirEQ Introductory Price

Until December 1st 2014 the plug-in will be available for just $99. After that it will cost $149.