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    Post What About In App Purchases For Extra Features In Pro Tools

    What About In App Purchases For Extra Features In Pro Tools

    05-21-2013 12:51 PM

    When we discussed the issue of “Should Pro Tools Users Get Same Software Features As Pro Tools HD Users?” in Podcast 65 Neil came up with the idea of “In App” purchases following our conversation about Apple’s App business model. Surely this wouldn’t be that difficult as Avid have added the Marketplace menu into Pro Tools 10. This got me thinking, what the feature options might be…

    • Instrument tracks 64 up to 128
    • Surround to to 7.1
    • Extended RAM/disk cache
    • TrackPunch / DestructivePunch
    • Input monitoring
    • VCA mixing
    • Solo bus AFL/PFL
    • Advanced audio editing
    • Advanced automation
    • Advanced video editing

    What do you think? Are there any other features? What prices would you put on each of these features?
    I think it is safe to say this won’t happen for the Pro Tools 11 launch unless Avid decide to do a ‘hackathon’ session, but I suspect they are flat out getting Pro Tools 11 ready to launch so it is more likely to happen in a future upgrade if they decide it is a good idea.

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