Solid State Logic Release AAX Native Versions Of Duende Plug-ins For Pro Tools

11-13-2014 11:01 AM

Back in April we posted a story that SSL announced they were producing AAX Native versions of their Duende Suite of plug-ins. SSL have now announced that they have released these plug-ins in the AAX format.
Special Introductory Pricies Until November 25th

Duende Native Essentials bundle at £99/$169/129€ - Normal prices are £299/$479/359€. This is a bundle of the Duende EQ & Dynamics Channel as well as the Duende Bus Compressor which will give you the classic SSL console sound from SSL themselves.
10 Plug-ins To Choose From

What SSL say about their Duende plug-ins…
The EQ & Dynamics Channel plug-in provides an EQ & Dynamics processing solution with all the power, precision, flexibility and signature tone of a SSL 9K and later SSL console channel strip.
The legendary Stereo Bus Compressor plug-in gives you the classic SSL stereo master bus compressor that brings power and punch to your mix without compromising clarity.
Drumstrip and Vocalstrip are ‘task specific’ plug-ins which each gather together a set of carefully selected and lovingly crafted processing tools to get you straight to outstanding Drum and Vocal sounds quickly and easily.
X-EQ and X-Comp are both mastering grade processors that deliver superb balance of precision and tonal character.
X-Verb is an incredibly powerful and flexible processor which brings beautiful hardware standard reverb to your DAW.
X-Valvecomp and X-Saturator are both new plug-ins designed to inject some analogue style saturation into your digital DAW.
X-Phase also a new release is designed to help you fix awkward phase issues with our high-precision frequency-specific phase control toolkit.