Better Workflow With Your AudioSuite Plug-ins

11-13-2014 12:35 AM

When I am mixing tv-shows I tend to use AudioSuite plug-ins because they are printing the effect to the audio and then it’s permanent. The disadvantage I find with these plug-ins is that you always have to reach for them in a menu everytime you want to use them.This is really inefficient in my opinion. So here is a quick tip on how to create your own AudioSuite plug-in shortcuts.

  1. Choose an AudioSuite plug-in and place it on your screen where it does not conceal any important workspace. This is where your plug-in always will be open up.
  2. Press: ,>1,+ on your numpad and this window will pop up. Here you have the ability to choose between Window Layout or Transport Window. I usually go for the Window Layout.
  3. Name your configuration to something that make sense to you.
  4. You can now repeat this process and add more key commands by typing ,>(2),+ ,>(3),+ etc.
  5. To recall your Window Layout configuration just tap ,>1,*.

You can of course use Window Layout for more purposes than just grabbing AudioSuites faster, but this is what I use it for.