Updates For Spatial Audio Designer & Spatial Sound Card From New Audio Techology

11-12-2014 12:00 PM

More 3D Audio And Immersive Sound Options

The Spatial Audio Designer and the Spatial Sound Card from New Audio Technology are now equipped with a bunch of new virtual studios and new room tunings and the Spatial Audio Designer also comes with some new channel presets including the new IMAX 12.0 and Dolby Atmos Home, as well as presets with three layers in total plus top channel in layouts like 17.1.and 24.2.
Both the Spatial Audio Designer and Spatial Sound Card have got new manuals. The Spatial Audio Designer Mac version got a complete new automation engine, fixed a bug for Apple’s Logic Pro automation and all hosts now need even less CPU power.
What Are Spatial Audio Designer and Spatial Sound Card?

To see what the Spatial Sound Card can do, take a look at our Show & Tell Review. It is is great for playing back multi-channel content to the client with a laptop and a pair of headphones or earphones and using the binaural principle to enable the listener to experience surround just by listening through headphones.
Spatial Audio Designer Demo Projects

Spatial Audio Designer demo projects for workstations like Pro Tools, Nuendo/Cubase, Ableton and Logic are available in the download area of the New Audio Technology web site.