Manley Variable Mu - Now On UAD Platform - Review Coming Soon

11-12-2014 10:45 AM

The Manley Variable Mu has arrived on the UAD platform as a new UAD powered plug-in giving those who own UAD hardware or Apollo interfaces access to this limiter compressor.
This is what Universal Audio have to say about the Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter Compressor;

The Manley Stereo Variable Mu Limiter Compressor has been Manley Labs’ flagship compressor since 1994. Its smooth, transparent dynamics control, and ability to add clarity and cohesion to a mix make it the gold standard among mix engineers.

Developed under Manley Labs’ rigorous scrutiny, the Manley Variable Mu Limiter Compressor plug-in is a thorough emulation of this Class-A, hand-made tube limiter, exclusively for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces.
Highlights Of The

  • Add definition and fidelity to individual tracks, stereo buses, or an entire mix
  • Glue together difficult mixes with signature Manley tube compression
  • Link channels for a precise, perfectly matched stereo image
  • Select from Left/Right or Mid/Side operation for precise control of stereo imaging
  • Use the plug-in-only Dry/Wet Mix control to easily dial-in parallel compression

Review Of The Manley Variable Mu

We are working on a review of the new UAD Manley Variable Mu, so check back soon.