Comparing Auro 3D With Dolby Atmos Working In Immersive Audio

11-11-2014 12:54 AM

In the last video in this series Mike Thornton talks to Sven Mevissen - Product Specialist from Auro Technologies and Robin Reumers - CTO & Head of Post-Production Galaxy Studios about the broader issues with immersive sound and explores the differences and similarities between Auro 3D and Dolby Atmos when working in immersive sound
Previous Videos In This Series

In the first video, Mike Thornton experienced listening to music in the Auro 3D format for the first time and explored recording and mixing techniques with Patrick Lemmen, resident engineer at Galaxy Studios in Belgium, the home of Auro 3D.
In the 2nd video in the series, Mike Thornton explores the techniques and workflows for Auro 3D in film post production with mixer Gareth Llewellyn and product specialist Sven Mevissen.
In the 3rd video in this series Gareth Llewellyn shows Mike Thornton how AMS Neve have integrated Auro 3D into their DFC Gemini console for a truly integrated workflow when mixing in the Auro 3D format neatly side stepping the channel restrictions imposed by Avid in Pro Tools, by using Pro Tools as a playback device and mixing using the AMS Neve DFC Gemini console.
In this the 4th video in the series in Galaxy Studio’s Aurotorium, Gareth Llewellyn shows Mike Thornton how to use the TC Electronic System 6000 and Exponential Audio Reverbs to handle reverb natively in the Auro 3D format.
In the 5th video in this series Auro product specialist Sven Mevissen shows Mike Thornton how the various Auro Tools work within Pro Tools to create Auro 3D mixes. See how Auro Technologies have created a tool set that has circumvented the 7.1 maximum channel count within Pro Tools so that we can use Avid’s DAW to mix in Auro formats up to 13.1.
Immersive Sound Playlist On Our YouTube Channel

We have put all these immersive sound videos as a playlist in our YouTube channel. So if you want to learn more about immersive sound and Auro 3D then you can watch them al in order.