Synchroarts Releases A Great New Version Of Revoice Pro - Revoice Pro 3 Professional Pitch And Time

11-06-2014 08:38 PM

Synchro Arts have announced the immediate availability of Revoice Pro 3, a major upgrade to the application already used worldwide by top audio professionals for timing and pitch alignment of vocals, instruments and ADR.
We have had a sneak peak of this and all we can say is that it is even better than before with great new editing and tweaking features and sounds even better. New users wishing to purchase Revoice Pro 3 can benefit from a 30% Introductory Discount for a limited period.
What’s new in Revoice Pro 3

  • Manual Pitch and Time Warping of audio – intuitive, easy to select and manipulate time and pitch and maintain the highest quality.
  • Pitch correction functions – select modes over any range, with automatic snap to pitch grid options.
  • Time-variable Pitch transfer parameters – graphically vary pitch tightness, offset and transfer strength to control the APT function’s processing.
  • Easily create and change stacked tight vocals - change a Guide signal’s timing or pitch, and all related output tracks follow the changes automatically.
  • Improved Interface - Simpler, cleaner, faster and easier to understand and use.
  • Stunning audio quality– processing can produce totally transparent time and pitch adjustments.
  • Enhanced Doubler – can modify timing of output and has longer and negative time delay up +/- 200 ms.
  • Hundreds of improvements and fixes - added to simplify and speed up learning and using.

Users’ reactions

Tony Maserati – Grammy Winning Producer Lady Gaga, Jason Miraz.
Revoice Pro saves me and my team hours of work when it comes to vocal pitch and timing correction with doubled vocals and backgrounds. It is amazing how fast the workflow is. Thank you Synchro Arts
Ryan Nasci, Mirrorball Entertainment. Worked on mixes for artists including Beyonce, Jason Mraz, The Backstreet Boys and The Band
I’ve really been digging the update to ReVoice Pro. I immediately noticed how much snappier it is. I’d say it feels better than Melodyne as far as how fast the program feels. The new quick access to the edit lock and preferences view in the track is also a handy feature. It also sounds like the quality is better than previous versions when doing some pretty serious tuning with in APT mode which is great.
Renée Tondelli – Dialogue and ADR Editor ‘American Hustle’. ‘Django Unchained’
I started using Revoice Pro on ‘American Hustle’ and I was surprised at how quickly and perfectly it matched sync without sonic artifacts. I now use the pitch function to match performances, and it works incredibly well. Because Revoice Pro is so fast and precise, it’s now my go to tool.
Jesse Zito
I will have no problems whatsoever getting the job done just as fast, if not faster than using Melodyne or Auto-Tune and with better results. I like the way your software tracks the performance and how I don’t get the crappy artefacts I sometimes get with the other software.
Trials, Downloads and Purchasing

A 14-day free trial license (iLok-based) for Revoice Pro can be obtained from Synchroarts along with downloads of the Revoice Pro program, online manuals, demos and tutorial videos.

Full licenses (iLok-based) can be purchased from Synchro Arts’ dealers or on-line from the Synchroarts store.
Revoice Pro 3 Prices

  • $599 for North America
  • £374 (ex VAT) for UK and the rest of the world
  • €449 (ex VAT) for Europe