Get Under The Hood Of Eleven Rack With Excellent Guide

05-20-2013 08:56 AM

Community member Marco Niccolai wrote to us with a brilliant email containing an in-depth exploration of Eleven Rack - even if you don’t won it then you should check this out. It is very thorough and Marco deserves our thanks!
“Hello Pro Tool Expert, I really appreciate your daily support, this time a wish to give, if can help, a little tribute to the community. I start to appreciate Avid Eleven Rack, it recreates a lot of nice gear, but it’s not easy to understand what you are using whatching only a small graphic interface. So I took the detailed descriptions on Avid site, some pics of the gear and the corresponding ER interface. Put all together and did a recap on a PDF. If you think this can be useful for the community, you can download from here and let it be available for who want it.”
Thanks Marco, this is excellent.
Download your copy here