Hiss And A Roar Release Heavy Metal Impacts Library

10-24-2014 09:51 AM

HISS and a ROAR have released another great sound effects library that will also have huge potential in sound design and music sampling too. Check out the ‘Making Of’ video.
This library includes over 1,900 metal impact sounds ranging in scale from massive silo hits, five ton concrete block metal impacts, a selection of four large scale metal skip bins, metal gates, truck decks, solid metal plates, an industrial digger scoop, to the total destruction of a filing cabinet, manipulation of a heavy steel 44 gallon drum, a stainless steel water tank, a copper bin and a WWII petrol tank.
This is what they say about the library…
While this library is incredibly versatile for practical sound effects, many of the recordings also lend themselves to creative manipulation and processing for creating stings & accents. Please note: this is our largest library to date, more than double in size than any previous, and accordingly the purchase price reflects that. But also note, there is an early bird discount available for one week only, to encourage & reward the people who effectively subscribe to HISSandaROAR.
Heavy Metal Impacts is normally $179 but until 1st November you can get it for $119. Everything is recorded at 24bit 192kHz. You will get 1,900 sounds delivered in 339 .WAV files as a 16GB download which will become 32GB of uncompressed audio.