Pro Tools Expert RedNet Event Hosted By Alchemea London A Resounding Success

10-22-2014 08:19 PM

Last night Pro Tools Expert and Focusrite joined forces with top Avid Authorized Training Partner Alchemea to give audio professionals a chance to learn more about the Focusrite RedNet system.
The event included a chance to enjoy free drinks and nibbles and then to take part in sessions covering the theory of RedNet and then to see it in action and ask more questions.
The sessions were repeated giving all those attending a chance to understand the technology behind RedNet and then more practical applications for the system.
In attendance were a mix of top audio post and music engineers, mixers and producers from organisations such as Disney, BBC, and Ravensbourne College as well as freelancers who work on top TV, film and music. We also had some of the team from our friends at HHB who were able to talk to those interested in investing in RedNet.
It was a rare occasion where many of the Pro Tools Expert team were in the same place, with Russ, Mike, Neil, James, Julian and Mike A all there to learn more about RedNet.
The Event got a big thumbs up from Simon Short of Focusrite and from our hosts Alchemea.
The Pro Tools Community Gathering

It was great to see so many people who are part of the Pro Tools community and put faces to names and share beer with people like Alan, Glenn and Dave - the blog is a good place to start but there’s nothing better than meeting one another - I’m thrilled by the success of this event. said Russ Hughes

You can see some pictures from last night’s event, many whom attended felt was a resounding sucess. When asked if more events like this should take place the idea got a big thumbs up.
Our Next Pro Tools Expert London Event With Synchro Arts

With that in mind watch this space for a Synchro Arts event to celebrate the launch of Revoice Pro 3 happening in November at Alchemea.
Links For More Information

If you are interested is knowing more about RedNet then contact RedNet specialists HHB
If you are interested in knowing more about Pro Tools training course then contact Avid Authorized Training Partner Alchemea