Positive Grid BIAS Desktop Guitar Modelling Plug-in Shipping Now - Is This The Plug-in Guitarists Will Love?

10-21-2014 04:07 PM

Positive Grid have already got a good reputation with their iOS guitar modelling app, but now their desktop version has started to ship.
Both version ship with a great collection of modelled amps, the option to audition presets on their ToneCloud and download them and customize to your heart’s content. In the pro version you also get to do some magic where it listens to an amp recording and then matches your sound to it.
Positive Grid BIAS Desktop comes in two versions.
BIAS Desktop features;
36 authentic amp models to get started.
Complete BIAS amp design modules for customization.
Download thousands of amp models from ToneCloud.
Sync with BIAS iPad and iPhone.

BIAS Professional Desktop features;
Everything from BIAS Desktop, plus:
Amp Matching Technology to capture your tube amps.
Featured artists Amp Matching presets download.
Glassy, Crunch & Insane Amp Expansion Packs.

More Information About Positive Grid BIAS Desktop

Download A Demo Of Positive Grid BIAS Desktop