Pro Tools Expert Announces New Partnership With FX Rentals - Amazing Collection Of Vintage Studio Gear

10-20-2014 05:08 PM

We are thrilled to announce that Pro Tools Expert have entered into a new partnership with top London studio rental and sales company FX Rentals.
Watch this exclusive video with Russ Hughes from Pro Tools Expert and Pat Roche from FX Rentals. In the video Pat talks about FX Rentals and the collection of amazing vintage studio and music gear, there’s plenty of gear porn in the video.
What Does This Partnership Mean?

The partnership will give Pro Tools Expert access to some of the most sought after studio gear in history from FX Rentals amazing collection, part of the plan is to use this collection to bring even deeper reviews and comparisons between plug-ins and the hardware originals.
We also hope to be able to bring muturally beneficial member only offers to the Pro Tools Expert community and benefits of the Pro Tools Expert resource to those using the services of FX Rentals.
What Do You Want To See And Hear?

Let us know what shoot outs and vintage gear reviews you would like us to feature on Pro Tools Expert in the comments - this is going to be fun!