Softube Changes Copy Protection So You No Longer Have To Use An iLok

10-20-2014 12:24 PM

When iLok changed their system to the iLok License Manager, one of the features included in the new infrastructure was the option to authorise your computer instead of havng to put the license onto an iLok. To be clear Softube have NOT abandoned iLok rather they have enabled you to choose to put the license on your computer or your iLok.
Softube have announced that they have enabled this option on their Mix Bundle and all the individual plug-ins included in the bundle like the TSAR-1R reverb, FET Compressor, and Passive-Active Pack. They will all use the same type of licenses Softube already uses for their Console 1.
You will still need to register for a (free) iLok account and download the iLok License Manager application to handle these plug-in licenses. But the new feature is that the licenses can be used to authorize the computer itself, which makes the iLok USB dongle optional.
Two authorizations will be included with each license, in case the user would like to authorize two computers, or perhaps place one authorization on a computer and the other on an iLok dongle, or simply leave one unused in case of problems with the authorized computer.
The change applies both to the Mix Bundle and the included plug-ins when these are purchased as single products. However, perhaps slightly confusingly, it does not apply when one of the single plug-ins is purchased as part of another bundle, such as Studio Collection.