Gobbler 2 Public Beta Gets An Update

10-16-2014 07:11 PM

If you are yet to try Gobbler 2.0 public beta then they already have a new version with added features and bug fixes, this follows a lot of interest in the first version which has led to excellent feedback. Version osx-2.0.6-build-104 offers:
New Features

  • MFA-enabled accounts are now shown an error when a login is attempted.
  • Fixed several user-reported crashes.


  • Gobbler Collect now supports Ableton Live projects with all linked media on the same drive.
  • Extraneous files in Logic project folders that are not referenced by the project are not included in backups.
  • Collaborators’ names are now displayed in tooltips when mousing over their Avatar images.
  • While downloading projects from workspaces, the files are now placed within a sub-folder named after the workspace containing those projects.

As we’ve already said no Windows yet but that’s coming soon.
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