50th Anniversary Of The Moog Modular Synthesizer

10-16-2014 03:01 PM

50 years ago this month Moog unveiled their modular synthesizer at the AES show in 1964 which would become an iconic synthesizer.
Dr. Robert Moog introduced the world to a completely new type of instrument that would go on to change the course of music history and influence decades of future instrument design. In this mini-documentary a Moog engineer, Moog Historian, and Bob Moog himself, explore Moog Music’s quest to resurrect the original methods, materials and designs used in the foundational modular synths. Through recreating Keith Emerson’s modular system, Moog Music rediscovers the power, elegance, and enduring legacy of its first instruments.
Thanks to our friends at Source Distribution for bringing this to our attention and you can find out much more at the Moog site here.