Winners Of The Acon Digital Restoration Suite Competition

10-14-2014 10:00 AM

Last month we ran a competition with 5 chances to win a copy of the Acon Digital Restoration Suite bundle and we can now announce the winners pictured above from left to right.
Dave Bell

My name is Dave Bell, I have lived in Germany since 1976. I came over to work as a musician for the American Forces, and never looked back. I have always had my own recording studio, even if it was only a 2 cassette recorders. Now I have 2 mobile Pro Tools rigs, one at my house, and a Studio rig for tracking. I have a few clients who use playbacks on their live gigs, and have been asked if it is possible to change the reverb, room size etc. to make some of the older playbacks sound more like the more modern ones. Up till now I didn’t think it was possible, but after your show and tell about Acon Digital’s Deverberate, it looks like this is just what I need to keep at least 1 valued customer happy! I am looking forward to trying out the software, and learning more about the fascinating possibilities it offers. Thanks again, and keep up the good work at Pro Tools Expert, for me a regular feast of information and interest.
Simon Vander Beken

I’m a freelance sound engineer, musician & teacher doing all sorts of stuff in the music & audio world. I studied music production at the Conservatory of Ghent, Belgium. Now, I combine several types of jobs and I love the variation: I teach the piano one day a week and musical theatre choir another day, I’m doing live mixing for musicals & theatre shows, I work in studios and I record on location with my own set-up, I make the occasional record with indie bands, and recently I’ve been moving into audio post, mixing trailers for a media mogul (to Belgian scale of course).

I am really pleased that I have won Acon Digital’s Reverbate. Both in audio post and location recording, you can imagine I often end up with audio that has way too much reverb, or ugly room resonances that are too long to just EQ out. I’m really curious to discover what Reverbate can do - if it’s as good as they promise, it will be a powerful and very useful new tool in my arsenal! Thanks a lot to Pro Tools Expert and Acon Digital!
Matthieu Haramboure

Firstly I am a musician/producer and mobile studio owner. My work has gradually expanded to post production as well so that mixing streamed content is part of what I do too. When dealing with bad audio sources such as too much reverb on interviews I used to denoise them whilst trying to achieve the best compromise between dereverberation and sound quality, which is quite empirical and doesn’t work every time. Knowing the sound and quality of Acon Digital’s free plug-in Multiply (download it, it’s free!) I am sure DeVerberate will make this job much easier, faster, and help me to achieve a broadcast sound quality! So thank you to both Pro Tools Expert and Acon Digital teams for this great gift!
Bram Abe

I do live mixing as well multi-track live recording on stage at a same time with DANTE. Then bring them back to my studio for editing and mixing. We can’t always expect live recordings on stage to be as clean as well treated room studio recordings and I am looking forward to using Acon Digital’s Deverbate to help me to improve my existing live recordings by manipulating the perceived distance and reverberation.
Lucho Chavesta (Not pictured)

I will be using Acon Digital’s DeVerbate in 2 current restoration projects. the first is a simple cassette recording from the 60’s of peruvian creole music and the second is 4 track recordings from Sadbird, everything from shows to basement tapes, they were from around the Cape Cod area around 70’s. Its really neat stuff that needed the obvious room reflection bounced out.
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