Working In Immersive Audio With The Auro 3D Format In Film Production

10-13-2014 10:01 AM

Are you interested in working in immersive audio? Are you starting or already work in immersive audio in either Auro 3D or Dolby Atmos then this series of videos on working in immersive audio in the Auro 3D format will be of interest. In this first video Mike Thornton experiences listening to music in the Auro 3D format for the first time and explores recording and mixing techniques with Patrick Lemmen, who is resident engineer at Galaxy Studios in Belgium, the home of Auro 3D.
Video 2 - Film Production

In the second video in the series, Mike Thornton explores the techniques and workflows for Auro 3D in film post production with mixer Gareth Llewellyn and product specialist Swen Mevissen.
Future Videos In This Series

In subsequent videos in this series we will be looking at how to use the new reverb tools from TC and Exponential Audio to handle reverb natively in Auro 3D, how to use the Auro Tools to manipulate the sound in the Auro 3D sound stage and a discussion of some of the issues of the main two formats in immersive audio - Dolby Atmos and Auro 3D from Auro Technologies’ perspective.