Sound Radix Announce Another Clever Plug-in Called Drum Leveler

10-11-2014 11:31 PM

Have you wanted to adjust the levels of individual elements in a mixed drum loop? Sound Radix have developed Drum Leveler to help you do this. This is what they say about Drum Leveler…
Drum Leveler is a new beat detection-based downward and upward compressor/expander from Sound Radix. By selectively applying gain to single drum beats, Drum Leveler easily achieves the desired target level for each beat, without affecting bleed noise or beats that are out of the user-defined processing range.
Unlike traditional envelope-followers that detect incoming levels and utilize VCA to apply gain changes, Drum Leveler runs an advanced new algorithm that takes full advantage of the digital domain – allowing unparalleled control over your drums’ dynamics.

Drum Leveler is powerful yet easy to use. It will help you achieve solid driving grooves, improve clarity and add punch to any percussive performance.
Drum Leveler is currently in beta and will be available in November. As soon as we can get our hands on a copy we will try it out and report back.