Slate Batch Commander Pro Tools Enhancement Software Now Available To Buy Separately As Software For Mac

10-10-2014 01:55 PM

When Pro Tools users saw the Slate Batch Command software for Raven many of us thought, love that software but do I have to buy the Slate Raven to get it? Not anymore, from today Slate has released it in software form for Mac. It seems it is possible to get powerful Pro Tools features without having to buy hardware you either don’t need or can’t afford.
The Slate Batch Commander software for Pro Tools enables complex and often laborious tasks to be automated. They explain;
Slate Batch Commander Features

The Slate Media Technology BATCH COMMANDER for Pro Tools will revolutionize your workflow in ways that you must experience to believe. Using single click buttons that will execute up to 1,000 key commands, menu selections, and mouse clicks, it can do miraculous tasks for you such as:

  • Tighten up entire drum tracks and put them on the grid using one button.
  • Instantly create headphone sends and fx returns using one button.
  • Apply your favorite chain of plug-ins to multiple tracks with one button.
  • Call up any tracks you want and their associated plug-ins for quick tweaking using single buttons.
  • Convert all your MIDI tracks to audio tracks using one button.
  • Create MIDI notes from audio tracks using one button.
  • Get your tracks ready for collaboration by automatically consolidating, exporting, and naming them for you, using one button.

Batch Commander comes pre-programmed with over 80 predefined Batch Commands across 8 unique layouts. User commands are simple to program with our QuickList, which features hundreds of preset Pro Tools 10 and 11 operations – just right-click or control-click a batch command button to edit and you’ll have access to almost limitless key command, menu selection and mouse-click stacking possibilities with the preset “General,” “Music” and “Post” QuickList commands.
Specifications & Compatibility

  • Flexible and User-Customizable, Multi-Function Toolbar.
  • Compatible with Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11.
  • Future Compatibility with: Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo and more.
  • Compatible with MAC OSX 10.7+ and will be PC/Windows compatible in the future.
  • Most Display Sizes Supported.
  • We recommend the below computer specs.
  • 2.3 GHz Processor or higher, 512MB Graphics or higher and 8GB of RAM. (4GB RAM Minimum.)
  • $99 download software - iLOK needed

For more information visit the Slate web site