Gobbler 2.0 Public Beta Announced - A Complete Rethink Of Online Collaboration For The Creative Industry

10-09-2014 01:01 PM

Gobbler have announced the public beta of Gobbler 2.0 and it’s a complete rethink of how online collaboration works.
Gobbler 2.0 works with WORKSPACES and these can contain ANYTHING. They can contain a DAW project, or indeed several different types of DAW projects from different DAWS, or a Final Cut project as well, or the scripts for the voice over artist. In other words they offer collaboration for the modern creative world we all live in, a world where we don’t just use one DAW or have just one discipline, but we work in a mix of software applications and use a variety of skills on any project.
Our surveys have shown that most of us work with several different DAWs, we may use other tools within a project too, some of us are working with video too, so this approach makes perfect sense - cross platform, application agnostic collaboration.
How Gobbler 2.0 Works

If you see the image above (you can enlarge it) this new browser based collaboration tool is a cinch to use. You create a new WORKSPACE to keep ALL the stuff related to that project, invite people to collaborate and then share your assets. You can see above Mike and I shared a Pro Tools session, had a chat about it and worked back and forth all within Gobbler. Mike found my session had a plug-in that he did not have so I simply froze the track and sent him an updated session… simple.
The new Gobbler Helper (right in the image) on your desktop is where you drag and drop stuff and it’s really smart. Drag a Pro Tools session into there and it figures out all the assets needed to send and collects and sends them without you having to think about it. If you then edit any assets it uploads the new version to the WORKSPACE without overwriting the original - versioning is coming soon.
Grab The Public Beta

Remember it’s beta so there may be some bugs, we found one and have let Gobbler know, this is the whole point of public betas - so go download and let’s get this thing in shape. You’ll need an account to get up and running but if you have an existing Gobbler account that will work, simply log in and switch over.
Grab Gobbler 2.0 beta here