Exponential Audio Announce New Beta Versions Of Their Stereo Reverb Plug-ins

10-06-2014 03:00 PM

Our friends at Exponential Audio have released beta versions of their great sounding stereo reverb plug-ins. The key new feature is that they now also support the VST3 plug-in format.
If you have a valid license for these plugins, you’re invited to try them out. As with any beta, there is a certain degree of risk so as we advise with updates, don’t do it if you are in the middle of an important project. Exponential Audio does all it can to make sure a Beta is ready for general use, but leave room for mistakes.
What Are the Changes In V2.10?

  • Compliance with new OSX digital signing requirements.
  • VST3 - in 32 and 64 bit form. If your DAW supports VST3, it will automatically load the VST3 form if you’ve installed it. If you haven’t installed the VST3 plugins, you’ll get regular VST.
  • Preset Import/Export - there are new buttons on the Store page. You can select any user presets and export them to a folder of your choice. This makes it easier to share with friends or colleagues, who can import the presets just as easily. And of course, Exponential Audio is always interested in any presets you might like to share with the world.
  • There’s now a global parameter that lets you control gain for the mix parameter. The previous choice was a linear fade (and that’s still the default). But you can now select a power-based fade to maintain overall gain more accurately.
  • State-saving is a little faster. You’re not likely to notice this unless your session is on a network drive.
  • Processing threshold is now stored/restored properly in session data
  • Several small stability tweaks.
  • Other changes in the release notes (in the installer packages)

There will be new presets added in later betas.