Groove 3 Release RX4 Explained By Our Very Own Mr RX It

10-03-2014 07:11 PM

iZotope RX 4 is here and iZotope guru Mike Thornton (Mr RX It) delivers everything you need to know to jump into RX 4 and harness its full potential! Get detailed information using real-world examples and clean up your recordings making them sound better than ever. No matter what DAW you use, iZotope RX 4 Explained from Groove 3 provides expert knowledge that allows you to reduce unwanted noise and eliminate damage to your precious audio.
Let’s Start At The Very Beginning

Mike starts with a detailed Introduction that covers everything from the User Interface to the various Settings available in iZotope RX 4. You’ll also learn all about the Waveform & Spectrogram Displays, Recording Into RX 4, and Saving Files. Mike then demonstrates the power of Markers & Regions, as well as the RX Monitor & RX Connect Plug-Ins.
Denoise And Declip

Next, you’ll see and hear real-world Examples of Treating Noisy Audio with the Denoise & Distortion Modules. Using Overloaded Samples, Mike demonstrates how easy it is to Reduce Noise and Distortion using RX 4 in Pro Tools, as well as within the plug-in itself. You’ll also learn Hum & Buzz Removal techniques as Mike walks you through using the Remove Hum Module.
Spectral Repair & Restoration Of Old Recordings And Records

When it comes to Spectral Repair, you’ll want to check out Mike’s tips for Removing Unwanted Noise, including Camera Shutter Clicks, Mic Pops, Whistles at a Concert, and more. Classic Recordings and Vinyl enthusiasts will also love this series as it covers Restoring Vinyl Records & Magnetic Tape Recordings, using RX 4 to clean up Scratched Records and Noisy Tape Recordings.
More Real World Examples

Moving on, Mike covers the Declick Module & Deverb Module, where you’ll learn how to easily Get Rid of Unwanted Reverb, Mouth Clicks, and Excessive Use of Plectrum on Bass and Acoustic Guitars.
Levels And Loudness

If you need to get a better handle on Levels and Loudness, Mike walks you through the Clip Gain feature of iZotope RX 4, and you’ll also see How to Make Your Recordings Compliant with Accepted Loudness Specifications using the Loudness Module.
Match Them Up

Matching EQ and Ambience is important, especially when it comes to dialogue recordings, so Mike also covers the EQ Match & Ambience Match features of iZotope RX 4. If you need to Separate Sounds from Tones on a Recording, you’ll love the explanation and demonstration of the Deconstruct Module as Mike shows you How to Break Down Breath Sounds in a Flute Recording and How to Take Apart the Components of a Clock Chiming.
Utility Modules Bringing Up The Rear

Finally, Mike walks you through all of the Signal Processing Modules in iZotope RX 4, including Gain, EQ, Channel Operations, Spectrum Analyzer, Plug-In Hosting, Time & Pitch, Resample, and Dither with examples for each.
RX4 Explained

  • 37 Tutorials / 5 Hours 19 Mins Total Runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate iZotope RX 4 or RX 4 Advanced users
  • Tutorials written by RX guru Mike Thornton (Mr RX It)
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
  • Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod