Lindell 7X-500 Hardware Versus Plug-in Shoot Out - Reader Poll

10-03-2014 12:01 PM

Here’s the latest shoot out between hardware and software, this time the Lindell 7X-500 hardware versus their plug-in version.
Remember this is not a contest, simply a chance for you to listen to audio examples through both the hardware and the software and then decide which on your prefer. They are grouped together so all audio in group A is either hardware or software and vice versa.
It’s all a bit of fun so don’t get too hot under the collar with either the process or the results.
Lindell 7X 500 Hardware And Plug-in Examples

We will give the answers as to which is which in the next few days.
Which Do You Prefer?

Lindell 7X-500 Hardware v Software - Which Do You Prefer?