Nugen Audio Celebrate Their 10th Anniversary With A New Plug-in - MasterCheck And A BOGOF Offer

09-30-2014 09:19 PM

In this Show & Tell video, Mike takes you on a tour of the new MasterCheck plug-in from Nugen Audio to help you deliver content in this new loudness normalised world including on line services like iTunes Radio and Spotify. Watch and find out what the hidden feature is and why he has awarded MasterCheck Editors Choice.
Mix & Master for Today’s Music Platforms

MasterCheck reveals how the consumer will hear your productions on a range of platforms, so you can produce with confidence and certainty. Mix and Master for the listener directly to Apple, Spotify, DAB Radio and TV specifications.
MasterCheck Features

  • Produce for iTunes, Spotify & others, check dynamics for playout
  • Avoid downstream clipping introduced by compression codecs
  • Compare loudness & dynamics with reference material
  • Match loudness across FX chains
  • Measure the ‘loudness war’
  • See and audition in real time
  • Objectively evaluate compression settings with PLR (Peak-to-Loudness Ratio) & loudness matching
  • Compatible with recommendations from all ITU-R B.S.1770 standards

More on MasterCheck

Price - MasterCheck is $129 or £85 plus taxes where appropriate.
Click for more information and to buy the Nugen Audio MasterCheck plug-in
As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations Nugen Audio are offered a Buy One Get One Free offer (BOGOF) for October 2014.
Buy any two plug-ins from the Nugen Audio store or via their dealers and get the cheaper Nugen Audio plug-free. So there has never been a better time to buy Nugen Audio plug-ins.