Majority Of Pro Tools HD Users Working From Home Shows Poll

09-30-2014 08:03 AM

During our recent Waves webinar we ran a number of polls, two revealed a growing trend, that Pro Tools HD users are increasingly working from home.
In our first poll of around 1000 attendees around 60% of those who answered said they were owners of Pro Tools HD systems.
When the same group were asked ‘where do you mix and record’ 57% said they worked in a professional home studio and only 13% said they used a commercial studio. In some cases some users said they did both, this has always been one of the main reasons many use Pro Tools, knowing they can move a project easily between locations.
Reducing Budgets For Projects

These numbers are hardly surprising, the reduction of both music and post production budgets, the closure of many music and post facilities and the reducing cost of professional equipment make working from a home studio more likely.
Once Pro Tools HD system and the profesionals who use them were largely found in commercial studios, but now you are as likely to find the same professionals working from their bedroom or a shed in the garden.