iZotope RX4 And RX4 Advanced Show And Tell Review

09-12-2014 05:02 PM

In this video, Mr “RX It” otherwise known as Mike Thornton takes a detailed tour around the key new features in iZotope’s RX4 and RX4 Advanced released yesterday. Firstly what’s new in RX4…
Dialogue Denoiser

In RX3, Dialog Denoiser was an Advanced only feature. In RX4, iZotope have made it available so everyone can use this amazing plug-in. The automatic feature is really good so that you can just leave it on a dialog track and it will clean up everything you throw at it, in real time, with zero latency.
RX Monitor Plug-in

This is a plug-in that you can use in Pro Tools so you can monitor what you do in the RX4 standalone application without leaving Pro Tools. This is especially useful for Pro Tools HDX users where using the host computer’s audio output for RX and then your Avid hardware for Pro Tools.
RX Connect Connect Plug-in

As well as the RX Monitor plug-in, iZotope have added RX Connect, making it easy to export audio out of your Pro Tools, so you can use all the features that are in the standalone version of RX4 before sending the processed versions back to your Pro Tools session.
Adaptive Hum Removal

Now with the Hum module in RX4, you can notch out fundamental hum frequencies that change over time, like an analog recording where the speed may drift.
Clip Gain

We have had clip gain in Pro Tools for a while now, but adjusting the levels within RX hasn’t been so easy. Not anymore, with this non-destructive feature now if there is a louder section you can pull it down, or if the contributor drops their voice then you can bring the level up.
Reverse Your Audio

Now you can also reverse the audio in RX4. It only works on rectangular selections but that does mean you can reverse the low end and leave the high frequencies unprocessed which has great sound design possibilities.
What’s New In RX4 Advanced?

EQ Match

With EQ Match you quickly learn the EQ of a source audio clip and easily apply that EQ curve to a target audio clip. It is great for handling audio from the same contributor via different mics in different locations.
Ambience Match

With this module you match the atmos of two different audio recordings with ease. You can take the ambient noise from a source audio clip and apply it to another audio clip, or create long sections of constant ambient noise to insert under inconsistent dialogue recordings.

With Clip Gain in RX4 you can manually balance out vocals, dialogue, and voiceovers. But with the Leveler module in RX4 Advanced you can take a whole clip and even out the levels automatically, giving you consistent tracks very quickly. This is really useful especially on documentaries. Here is a take where the contributor gets louder at the end.
Loudness Compliance

With the move to loudness normalization we need to be able to quickly measure and adjust clips so they comply to the appropriate loudness delivery specs. The Loudness module will process whole program mixes or segments to comply with international industry standards.
Other Features

That’s a quick look at the key new features in RX4, there are a load of little improvements throughout the application including a new look and a new Export and Save As options, which I am already finding very helpful.
IBC 2014 Supermeet

I am at IBC 2014 this weekend and I will be demonstrating some of the new features of RX4 and RX4 Advanced at the Creative Pro User Group Network Amsterdam Supermeet at the Hotel Krasnapolsky on Sunday 14th September at 7pm. Do join me if you can.
Groove 3 RX4 Explained

I am hard at work producing a new Groove 3 title - RX4 Explained. It will be even longer than RX3 Explained which ran out at 32 videos with a total duration of 4.5 hours. RX4 Explained which will cover Rx4 and RX4 Advanced will be at least 5 hours and come to some 38 videos. It is expected that RX4 Explained will go on sales at the beginning of October.
Where can you buy RX4 and RX4 Advanced?

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