Universal Audio 1176 Hardware Versus The UAD 1176 Limiter Plug-in - The Results

09-10-2014 02:17 PM

Several days ago we ran a post giving audio examples from both the hardware and the software Universal Audio 1176 limiter and their UAD 1176 emulation plug-in. You can read the orginal post here.
We asked you to both vote on your preference and also to comment on why you made the choice.
It was a lot of fun and also somewhat revealing, remember this was about preference and not a test to see who has golden ears, so don’t expect a Grammy for making the choice if it you were right - there was no right answer. To be honest we made the audio and we had to label it so we got them the right way around, which leads us to the most revealing part of the exercise.
It seems that even those of us who use this stuff day in and day out could not spot the difference. The vote was split almost down the middle, which means Universal Audio have done a great job of making the plug-in.
Hardware Or Software 1176?

We have an 1176 hardware limiter at Pro Tools HQ, so does this mean we will be selling it and using the plug-in instead? Not at all, what it means is when we need more than one then we have the plug-in. It also means that if you don’t have the money to buy the hardware version right now, then you can still be assured of the plug-in sounding great in the mix. That has to be good news for everyone!
So which one shall we test next? Suggestions please.
Oh yes, which one was which? A was the plug-in and B was the the hardware.