Audinate Dante Via Could Blow The Doors Of Audio Networking Wide Open

09-08-2014 10:05 PM

This week while bumbling around the Internet I stumbled across what I believe could be a total revolution in audio over network technology.
Although still in development and not available until December 2014, Audinate makers of the Dante audio networking hardware and software most notably used by Focusrite in their RedNet range of Interfaces have released a “Heads Up” promo website to show off this new breakthrough.
Simply named “Via” the technology hints at being able to share any connected audio interface whether it be Firewire, USB, Thunderbolt etc available with any other network attached computer.
What Is Dante Via?

So for example you workstation in room 1 of your facility that has a USB attached audio interface could share its audio i/o with the laptop someone is using in room 2 quite simply down a normal Ethernet connection, No proprietary or 3rd party hardware required just a network and Dante Via.
In Audinates own words:

“Dante Via creates a flexible software audio bridge for your computer to connect with local USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt and analog audio interfaces, transforming them into networked devices.”“Dante Via breaks down traditional physical barriers and allows for flexible networking of sound to and from any connected PC or existing Dante endpoint. Send, receive, and monitor any track while also recording. Use your Dante Via to connect to other media applications, such as Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, PowerPoint audio or Skype. Connect your existing Dante network with Dante Via and extend sound from your Macs and PCs. Or use it to as a tool for monitoring any local or remote channel. Dante Via allows networked audio to be sent anywhere within facilities like schools, houses of worship, meeting centers, conference rooms and court houses. Dante Via makes it easy!”
Find Out More

For more info go take a look at the Dante Via website, watch the video and sign up to the mailing list to get new info as it becomes available.
Things just got very exciting! - Neil Hester